Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Starting Point

I am not gonna lie, before I got pregnant I was out of shape. I wasn't the heaviest I've ever been but I was pretty dang close. I made a conscious effort while I was pregnant to not gain TOO much weight, I only gained 25 lbs total and the doctor was very happy with that!So now that Eli is here I am like 5 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight; however that is not my goal!
Two summers ago I lost 15 lbs by running, zumba and doing weight watchers. I have done every diet in the book,  done every fitness program and never got results until this combo. So Sunday I decided to bite the bullet and start the running program again. Needless to say it kicked my butt!!! I realized then that the starting point I was at now is different than the starting point I was at two summers ago. I am going to have to take things a little slower in the beginning and get my body use to being active again.
I felt so bad about where I was physically. I hated myself for letting my body get this out of shape; but then I realized I had a choice, while I couldn't change where I was or how I felt about it I could either a) feel bad about where I am, throw a pity party and do nothing about it or b) feel bad about where I was and do something about it no matter how hard. I choose b. It does me no good to feel bad about it, I have to get up and do the work.
The joy of social media and blogging is that it provides instant accountability. Gone are the days of having to go to a meeting to weigh in to have accountability. You just post online that you are starting a fitness routine, diet, or making a lifestyle change and BAM! You have hundreds of people who can help hold you accountable. I haven't started Zumba back yet, that will have to wait till the summer due to work schedule but I have started walking this week (which will turn into running soon) and weight watchers. So I'm putting it out there and asking you guys to help hold me accountable.
I can't change the starting point but I CAN change the destination.

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