Thursday, January 30, 2014

Run Like a Mother

In the past several months I have made a new group of friends. These are amazing women who encourage each other, motivate each other and share in our victories and defeats. And I have never met any of the in person.

When Ry and I decided to get pregnant I joined The Bump, an online community of women who were trying to get pregnant or already are. When I got pregnant I joined the March 2012 group. All the ladies in there were pregnant and due in March. We bonded, we discussed all the crazy things pregnant women discuss. Well several months after all our babies were born a couple of our amazing moms decided to start a spin-off group of moms who wanted to be healthy and wanted to be held accountable. It sounds cliche, but it changed my life.

I joined our healthy mom group not expecting much, but boy was I in for a suprise! On days I didn't feel like running I might say that and one women or another would respond with a loving "so what?! Get out there and do it, and then check back in with me and let me know it went!" There were days the only reason I finished a workout was because I didn't want to be the slacker on the board that day. Ry would even say during our runs "Come on! You can't brag about this pace to the moms"!!! Talk about motivation!

I am so thankful for this group of women. They truly are amazing. And I hope one day to all meet up- we have discussed running the princess half at Disney World. ;)

Oh and if you are looking for some great fitness blogs to follow might I suggest these women (who started our group): run salt run and helly on the run

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Just Like Mom

My parents are in the process of building a new home. Pretty soon they will sell my childhood home and move about an hour north of us. I have mixed emotions about the whole thing. But that's for a different time. As they are preparing to sell their home they are cleaning out the attic, closets, shed, ect. and dumping giving all of kiddios our childhood mementos. Most of it is  crap priceless childhood memories... oh who am I kidding it's crap, but some of it is really amazing.

One of those amazing things is a notebook my mother kept. Every night while I was in the bath my mom wrote down the day's happenings. She talked about funny stuff Darci said, things Stephen did, and all my first.  It is really amazing to go back and read about what my family's daily life was like all those years ago.

I want this blog to have aspects of that. Maybe one day Eli will go back and read about how mommy was sure she was ruining her baby when he had colic and screamed 8 hours a day. Or how Ryan almost had a heart attack when he climbed on top of the bar stool and tried to jump off. Maybe he will, maybe he won't but either way I want to write it down for me to cherish. Just like my mom.

So much has happened in the past several months. We had our first (and hopefully last)  hospital stay. I will have to post on that later, Eli had his second Christmas- he was not impressed by opening presents, and so many other daily triumphs. Eli is still not "talking" but he is adding things that sound like words to his vocabulary. I am so proud of how hard he is working on language. He really watches our mouth as we speak sometimes and tries to mimic. The other day he was playing with nesting cups and got all 6 in order and he looked right at me, with the biggest grin ever and said "I DID IT!" Well he left off the the t in it, but clear as a bell. The kid won't say mama but "I did it", no sweat. He amazes me.