Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Whirl Wind

I have never been a "glass-half-full" kind of gal. I am not easily prone to look on the bright side of things. In fact, I have been know to get in a funk, pout, and basically throw my self an adult sized pity party when life doesn't go my way.

I have recently begun a journey to tame my negative tongue. It was not one I began willingly. I fought tooth and nail against it in fact.

It all started a couple months ago when I decided I could not teach forever, the politics of the education system are so broken that it tears me apart to see the kids who need the most go without every day. It was never my dream to be a teacher, quite simply, it is not my calling.

I knew I was called and uniquely gifted to work with women. My heart is there, my passion. I have never know how exactly, God never showed me the path, just the end-game.

Only recently has God brought to light the path and has silly as it sounded to ME, it's through Mary Kay. I was shocked, and a little taken aback. But who am I to question God. I have found it never works out well for me. So after much debate, oh I'll quite sugar coating it, after much pouting on my part (this was not the path I thought I would take) I decided to bite the bullet and do it right!

I knew to work with women the way I wanted to I was not going to a consultant, but a director. That is where I would get to work with the most women, in the fashion I desired to. So I called my director and we talked about how to do it. That is when she started talking like a mad woman.She told me I needed to say affirmations EVERY DAY.

Affirmations? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I am not the type of woman to look in the mirror and say "I choose to be.... blah blah blah".

I decided that she was coo-coo and I was NOT doing it.

However, God, in that subtle little way He often does to me, KNOCKED ME DOWN! I thought I had this thing all figured out, and BAM! Down I go!

When I stopped to look at why- GLARINGLY OBVIOUS- I woke up with Proverbs 18:21 in my head- "The tongue has the power of life and death" DANG! I hate it when I am wron... wron... not right. :) I had been speaking NEGATIVE over things, I had been so busy being a "realist" that I missed the opportunity to speak LIFE into my LIFE!!!!!

So Julia Mundy, YOU WERE RIGHT. I guess those affirmations are helpful. So starting today I CHOOSE TO SPEAK LIFE INTO MY LIFE, MY FAMILIES LIFE, MY FRIENDS AND MY MARY KAY BUSINESS.

And that's just one of my affirmations

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