Monday, February 20, 2012

Snakes and Snails

I am so thrilled to be having a little boy. I cannot wait to take him to t-ball, boy scouts, football practice- oh my! :) However, having a boy has raised some awareness in me on how inept I feel about raising boy- being that I am not one. I want to raise my son to be a man of honor and respect. I am so incredibly blessed that Ryan will be a great example to his son of a man who keeps his word and respects those around him. He will also have fabulous examples in his both of his grandfathers and uncles, but is that enough?

Today's society teaches young boys to sexualize women so early. I remember being a teenager and being in high school and junior high and hearing the way that boys talked about girls. Now, back when I was in jr high most of those boys just talked a big game but never "followed through". Now it's different, they are becoming sexually active. How do you raise a young boy to not only stand against peer pressure, but to block out all the societal influence to engage in sex? I know you filter what they watch, but let's be honest they WILL see a lot more than you want them to.

I want Eli not only to abstain from sex until he is preferably married but at least out of high school, but to be the type of young man whom when he is allowed and he decides to "date" treats his girlfriends with respect and kindness.

It is hard to think about what the world will be like by the time Eli is in high school, but I guess it comes down to just doing your best as a parent, praying for them, and then giving it over to God

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