Wednesday, March 6, 2013


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELI! My "little man" is 1 year old! Who would have thought it would get here so soon! I cannot believe how amazingly blessed we are to have this little boy! He LOVES bath time, cuddles, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and playing outside. He has 4 teeth, can dang near run, and never sits still unless Mickey is on. He is a great sleeper, both a night and during naps. We are REFUSING to take milk out of a  sippy cup or eat much table food. He will drink water all day out of a sippy cup but not milk. Once he gets a suck of milk the cup is THROWN from his sight! He also will not let you feed him anything but purees. If you put something chuncky in his mouth you better hang up that meal, he doesn't trust you to feed him anything else. He will also not allow you to feed him anything other than purees if he sees it. He will throw any food he doesn't like the look off right of his tray! As far as solids goes he like Cheerios, an occasional whole grain waffle, strawberry cereal bars, crackers,and SOMETIMES a little bit of chicken. He is definitely a stubborn little guy! His stats at his one year appointment are 21.4 lbs (36%) and 29.5 inches (54%). The dr is very happy with his progress, she said because he is sooooo active she doesn't expect him to put on much weight this next year. I am proud to be this little man's momma, just look at him, who wouldn't be!

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