Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Waiting Game

“Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” Psalm 27:14 (NIV)

This was one of my verses today from my devotion. Wait. Ever notice how God commands us to do things and we take them more as a suggestion. For example my first instinct with the verse is to say "yeah but..." and then give a list of reasons why it could not possible be a command for ME! I am such a Casey-centered person. But I have learned that when I get over myself and say "ok Lord, show me Your plan" that that is where the blessings are. Not when I pray and pray and pray for something, but take no action to make it happen, follow no commands and have no faith. When I put myself aside, follow His commands, trust His timing and do the work He has laid out before me, I find myself in a season on harvest.

Waiting is a hard command. It is not something I do well. Those who know me best know I go 100 mph with no breaks pretty much 24/7. It's what I do. I know no slow, no stop, no wait. However here it is, that silly little word again...wait. Geeze!

I have recently learned a lesson in waiting I would like to share. When I decided to start my MK business I made a list of girls who I thought would be on my team. Then I made of list of people who loved me enough to hold a "dumb party" for me. One of my best friends was on the party list, not the team list. She agreed to hold a party for me, and also agreed that is was just a "dumb party". But God did something amazing, He drew her toward MK. She signed and decided to jump in. She worked hard, and she had a BIG need, God blessed her and she became a sales director 2 months ago. Yay for her.... not. Well at least that was my heart then.

Don't get me wrong, I love her like one of my sisters, and I am so happy for her; but deep in my heart I cried "Why not me Lord? Why not me?" But God said "Wait." SERIOUSLY?! That was my initial reaction but now I realize God was developing my character, my will, my faith before he put me on my path. I praise God that I am on my path to becoming a director, but I praise God that more importantly it is on HIS time.

I am now more equipped, more determined, and have more integrity to point others to Christ during this time.

So dear friend I don't know what you are praying for, what the secret desire of your heart is, but know God desires to give you the deepest desire of your heart but he may be saying "Wait" no matter how hard know that His timing is perfect.

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