Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I have always wanted to be writer. I have tried many times to start a "topic" blog and failed so now I am just writing. Mostly for me. To remember, to reflect, to learn, but you are more than welcome to come on the journey with me.

Today in my devo I was reading about God making the sun stand still for Joshua and the writer challenged me by asking if I really surrender the order of my day to God or do I just worry about getting through my checklist. WOW! Powerful thought for me. I am always complaining that I need more time in my day when maybe what I need is less me in my day and more God. Now let me be clear I by no means think that what I "have" to get done is so important that God is going to freeze the sun in the sky like He did for Joshua, but maybe if I allow God to prioritize for me I will get the important things done before the insignificant. Sometimes I fail to realize the importance of a task. For example yesterday was my 3 year anniversary, and I had some errands to run before going home to my hubby. Like any wife I wanted to get home and see my man, especially yesterday! I had a strong feeling however that I should text a girlfriend and check in though. So I did, she wanted to go tanning, I was going to do this anyway, but picking her up, driving back to the tanning bed and dropping her off would add an extra 20 minutes to my day. Dang! But I truly love her so I did it, I really felt I needed to. After I picked her up she started telling me about her day and a battle she is going through and I realized maybe God had me spend time with her to not only lift her up but also to make me realize even more on that day how lucky I am to be married to a man like Ryan, who treats me with love, respect, and patience. I also decided that maybe we should stop in a little boutique next to the tanning bed and lucky for me I made a contact to do a Mary Kay event there! YAY!

Sometimes the task I think can be put off are the most important. God help me to seek your timing today. Put your prioritization in place, not mine. Bless my efforts, use me. Amen

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